Faculty Engagement Opportunities

The University Honors and Scholars Programs introduce a community of high-achieving students to the world of critical and creative thinking, visual and performing arts, challenges them to excel academically, and inspires them to explore and engage through a variety of intensive co-curricular experiential opportunities. The programs offer many opportunities for faculty to engage, support and educate high-achieving students. To learn more about these opportunities, or to propose a new opportunity, please contact:

Sean Cassidy, Director of the University Scholars and Honors Programs at smcassid@ncsu.edu.

Teach an Honors Seminar

Honors seminars are offered by academic departments across our campus and students in both programs enroll in these courses to fulfill their program’s academic requirements. Honors seminars offer faculty the opportunity to offer an enriched experience to a class of high-achieving students. Learn more about how you can offer an Honors Seminar and what it entails here.

Participate in the Scholars Forum

The Scholars Forum is a 0 credit course that University Scholars enroll in for three semesters and University Honors students for one semester. It features lectures, panel discussions, debates, musical and theatrical performances and encourages students to engage intellectual and cultural opportunities on campus and throughout the triangle  Each semester, one week of the Scholars Forum features a series of “Faculty Conversations” focused on presentations by NC State faculty about their scholarship. Faculty can also participate in the Scholars Forum by inviting us to include departmental lectures and related activities on the list of events that Scholars Forum students may attend to fulfill the course requirements.  

Offer Honors Contracts in regular class sections

Honors contracts allow students to work with faculty to earn Honors credit in regular course sections by completing additional or alternative assignments that promote the development of creative, independent, critical and analytical thinking and allow students to seek a more extensive and in-depth learning experience in the context of a traditional course. Contracts may be developed in advance by members of the faculty who agree to supervise Honors work or proposed by students to members of the faculty in whose courses they are enrolled.

Promote the development of activities in the Honors and Scholars Village

The Honors and Scholars Village is designed to create a community of culturally-connected, informed and engaged residents.  Village residents participate in a variety of educational, cultural, and service activities and engage in meaningful discussion about important contemporary issues. Faculty can play a vital role in delivering these activities by attending these activities and leading discussions afterward or by leading pre-event discussions. Contact Dr. Scott O’Leary, Honors and Scholars Village Director for more information at smoleary@ncsu.edu.

Participate in our Outdoor or Cultural Explorations trips

Our students have opportunities to participate in a range of educational activities that take place beyond our campus. Our Cultural Explorations trips feature an international spring break trip each year. We have visited Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Ireland, and Scotland in recent years. Our Outdoor Explorations trips allow students to learn and reflect in the natural world across the United States and around the world. We have been to Acadia National Park, the Bahamas, and Costa Rica in recent years. We welcome faculty who are interested in helping us design and deliver future experiences.

Summer Study Abroad

The University Honors and Scholars Programs offer summer study abroad programs in Florence, Italy and Oxford, England. We encourage faculty members interested in helping us direct these programs or design new programs for high-achieving students to contact us.