Policies and FAQs

I. USP 110/111 Attendance and Grading Policy

To receive a grade of “Satisfactory” in USP 110/111, students must attend 12 approved events on the USP Scholars Forum Syllabus by the end of the semester. “Incomplete” grades will not be given in this course. You may have absences during the semester, either excused or unexcused, and you will still receive a grade of “Satisfactory” if you attend at least 12 approved Forum events. Note: If you are registered for USP 110/111 and do not drop it by the deadline to drop classes, you will still receive a grade for the course. This grade cannot be removed from your permanent transcript.

Attendance at Scholars Forum events is taken in a variety of ways. The methods used to track attendance will vary based on the type of event in question and whether it is held in-person or virtually.

Monday/Tuesday Main Forum synchronous virtual event attendance for ‘A’ weeks:

For the synchronous virtual Main Forum events on the Monday or Tuesday ‘A’ week presented via Zoom, attendance will be tracked using a combination of live polling during the event and reflection questions that are distributed after the event. Students MUST respond to the in-event poll in order to receive the reflection questions via email after the event. Reflection questions will only be emailed to students that respond to the poll sent out during the event. Students must respond to the attendance questions no later than the Sunday of the week in which the event you participated in took place.

Monday/Tuesday Main Forum synchronous virtual event attendance for ‘B’ weeks:

Scholars Forum will feature reflection sessions this semester in small virtual groups. For the synchronous virtual “Main Forum” events on Monday or Tuesday in the ‘B’ weeks presented via Zoom, attendance will be tracked based on your presence and participation in the small group discussion with the small group facilitator. The facilitator will manage attendance.

Asynchronous (pre-recorded) Main Forum event attendance:

Each Monday session of the synchronous virtual Main Scholars Forum will be recorded. This recording will be posted at https://uhsp.dasa.ncsu.edu/zoom/ that same week and students will receive an email notification when it posts. Students in ANY section of USP 110/111 may view these videos and respond to the corresponding reflection questions if they were unable to attend the synchronous virtual event on Monday or Tuesday. Students have until the last day of classes in the semester to respond to these reflection questions. Students who attended the synchronous session on Monday or Tuesday, will not receive credit for also viewing and responding to the recorded sessions.

Other virtual (synchronous or asynchronous) event attendance:

Other events on the Scholars Forum schedule may be offered synchronously or asynchronously at different times throughout the week. For these events, students must respond to the attendance questions provided in the event description no later than the Sunday of the week in which the event took place. For example, an online event hosted by the NC State Libraries that takes place on a Thursday afternoon will require reflection responses by the following Sunday afternoon.

In-person event attendance:

In-person events will utilize the Scholars Forum Attendance Card. These cards are distributed at the beginning and collected at the end of events. Please bring a writing utensil. Students MUST thoughtfully complete both sides of the card to receive attendance credit. Students may only turn in their own card at the end of the event. In most instances these cards will be managed by Scholars Forum Assistants

A Final Note: Students who are participating in the Scholars Forum cannot receive Forum attendance credit for events that they perform in during the course of the semester. Also, students will receive credit only once for the same Forum events (e.g. If a student sees Arcadia twice, s/he can only get attendance credit for one performance).

II. Signing up for Forum Events

Some events in the schedule require sign-up, while others do not. This is indicated after each event description in italics. Students will register for optional events that require sign-up by clicking the link in the event description. This links to the Reporter event registration system.  Students must login to sign up for events and to cancel reservations.

III. Academic Integrity

Academic misconduct will not be tolerated in this class. Information about the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity are available at: http://policies.ncsu.edu/policy/pol-11-35-01.

IV. Statement for students with disabilities

Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities. In order to take advantage of available accommodations, students must register with Disability Services for Students at 1900 Student Health Center, Campus Box 7509, 515-7653. http://dso.dasa.ncsu.edu/

V. Forum Etiquette

Our Forum speakers and performers are guests of the University Scholars Program and NC State University. Sleeping, talking, reading, and text messaging friends are all examples of rude and disrespectful behavior that not only prevent everyone from taking advantage of our guests’ expertise and knowledge, but also reflect poorly on the University Scholars Program and its students. All students are expected to adhere to proper rules of etiquette while in Forum: turn off and put away cell phones and laptops; put away newspapers and other texts; sit up and focus on the presentation; and when asking questions of Forum guests, remember to be respectful.

Students who arrive to Scholars Forum events late will not receive an attendance card and will not receive credit for attending the event. Students who leave Scholars Forum events early will also not receive credit for attending. In order to receive credit for Scholars Forum events, students must arrive on time, before the speaker/performance begins and must stay for the duration of the event, even if it lasts longer than advertised.

Violations in Forum Etiquette during Scholars Forum or any optional Forum events are prohibited and can result in the loss of attendance credit and/or dismissal from the event.

VI. Virtual Event Guidelines

When utilizing Zoom to attend virtual Scholars Forum events please follow these guidelines:

  • Please keep your microphone muted during the event.
  • During an event Q & A, please use the chat box in Zoom to pose your question. The moderator will repeat your question aloud for the speaker to respond.
  • Be fully present in these events. Your attendance points depend on it. 
  • Respond to polls in a timely fashion. 
  • Respond to the final attendance questions within 15 minutes of them being posted at the end of the event.

*Please note, if your responses to final attendance questions appear to be plagiarized in any way, the UHSP will consider this an academic integrity violation and you will not receive credit for attending the event. If this takes place more than once, you will be removed from the course for the remainder of the semester at our discretion.

Scholars Forum FAQs

1) Am I required to attend a certain number of optional events (i.e. field trips, plays, etc.) in partial fulfillment of my USP 110/111 attendance requirements?

No. Although we encourage you to attend as many optional events as you wish throughout the semester, you are not required to attend any.  If you do choose to attend an optional event, we encourage you to plan and sign-up in advance since many of the options have limited spaces available.

2)  Can I choose to attend one of the optional events listed above in place of my regularly scheduled Forum every week?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of weeks that you may choose to attend one of the optional events listed on the forum calendar.

3)  May I attend more than one event during a week and “save up” events that I have attended and use them to fulfill my Forum requirement for a later week?

Yes. Students are just required to attend at least 12 Forum events by the end of the semester. This means that you could attend more than one event in any week, as long as you attend at least 12 total.

4)  When should I turn in my attendance cards?

All USP Attendance cards must be turned in at the end of the event at which they are distributed. No late USP attendance cards will be accepted. Students MUST complete both sides of the card to receive attendance credit. Please keep in mind that is your responsibility to follow the attendance guidelines listed for each event in the schedule.

5)  How can I find out how many events I have attended?

Students track their attendance using WolfWare:http://courses.ncsu.edu/usp110/ (in the fall) or http://courses.ncsu.edu/usp111/ (in the spring).

6) What if I am missing credit for an event I attended?

Please note that it will typically be several days before your attendance is entered after an event. If you believe you are missing credit for an event, you can email your USP advisor to inquire about the event. Please make sure to include the title, date and week of the event when you make your inquiry.

7)  Whom should I talk to if I have questions about USP 110/111?

Please talk with your USP advisor (USP office 919-515-2353). And please remember: We have several Work Study students who work in the USP office, generally for only a few hours each week. While they are excellent folks and may frequently be able to help you, they may not always be able to accurately answer all of your questions. If you find they are not able to help you, please be patient with them and wait until you are able to speak with your advisor. Everyone on the USP staff will treat you with respect, and we would appreciate the same in return.

8) How do I request an event be considered to be added to the Scholars Forum schedule?

Great question, glad you asked. We love hearing from students, faculty and other campus partners about events happening on campus and in the Triangle that we should consider adding to the Scholars Forum schedule. We receive many requests each semester. There are two main guidelines to keep in mind and then there is a  short form that must be completed. First, all events must be sponsored by a University college, academic or administrative department. Then, we must receive all such requests via the form below no later than two weeks in advance of the proposed event. This allows us time to find staff for the event and to properly advertise it to our students. If you think you have an event that fits this description, please complete this request form. If you have any questions, please contact Cliff Parker at caparke7@ncsu.edu.